The Door
Abraham sat by his tent door (aligning) himself with God’s promises. Before we can move to the next level, we must face “ALL” our fears and totally let go of the past. We must quit looking back in the rearview mirror and long for the things of the past. For those things (the way we used our gifting, the people in our lives, ministry) cannot go where we are headed. Do not be like Lot’s wife who was turned to a pillar of salt, not just because she looked back, but because she LONGED for what she was required to leave. (A deep longing of her heart for the past things) Be encouraged! God will help us overcome them, all of them in His place of rest. At your door (the threshold) you are required to face your enemy before you can proceed into your new place and level of destiny. We must review God’s promises and remember that miracles do happen, at the door. Tents are tabernacles, (sanctuaries) places where God’s presence (indwelling) comes in an overwhelming way. Sitting at His door to his tent, Abraham was aligning himself up with God’s plans and purposes for his life. Abraham was sitting (resting) as he aligned himself up with God’s purposes and in God’s promises. When we sit in our tents, at our door (way) are resting in God.
When we sit, we are striving. When we rest, we are seated upon God’s promises. Abraham did not have to make anything happen. He had no life seed left, nothing in which to conceive life. His sitting indicated that he was trusting God and let God do the impossible. (Gen. 18:1) The Word for door is “Pethach”. It means entrance, opening, entry way or place to enter. The root word is “Patach” which means to “OPEN WIDE” literally and figuratively by loosing or plowing.
At the door old structures, patterns, mind sets and your will; will be loosened from you. You will change. You will plow your way into God’s plan as you become free from (OLD PAST) attachments to people, former positions, fears, sin, iniquitous patterns, a quitter mentality, hopelessness, doubt and unbelief and the ideas of how you thought your life should be. God is shaking everything that can be shaken. And He is shaking it in you to bring the “Tares of your Soul” to the surface so that He can remove the tares from the deep hidden recesses of your soul.
As you sit at your door you will carry a new picture of what your future will look like and hold. A new seer ability to see with a new anointing will fall upon you. (A new mantle from Heaven). You will seer with new eyes. So, expect things to open wide at your door. Expect to become aware of new abilities, creativeness, and new aspects of your personality that have long been bottled up inside you. You may find new business ideas forming, new innovations rising, new songs bubbling up, a new confidence building in yourself, a new identity , clarification, new connections being made as they begin to bubble up and overflow. Break forth is right at your door. And with it is a new freedom just by letting go of all the old things you have been holding onto. (Baggage, people, places, things, old ideas) Time to let go of all of them and allow God to do a new thing in you. All the painful stresses of your recent past will “SUDDDENLY” fade away when you become willing to let go of your yesterdays. Hallelujah!
You are like a bottle of champagne that has been shaken up. The cork is getting ready to explode open because the pressure is building up and it is more than the bottle can bear. And now, nothing can stop the bubbles from bubbling up and out and pouring forth. (New ideas, plans, directions and blueprints).
Now, you are putting off the old things in order to put on the new. Now, you are ready. Biblically putting on new clothes represents a new identity and attitudes. Yours will be changing as God is changing you into His Garment of Praise. Now, you can step forth into your new identity and with it a fresh, new confidence built in and through the Lord. Not from your gifting, associations, personality, connections, except for your connection with Jesus Christ.
Now, He is ready to break you forth into a revival type of miraculous anointing. Because He can trust His workmanship in you, because he has done a complete overhaul in you.  Sitting at the door of your tent (tabernacle) is a type of plowing. While you sit there you are struggling and waiting while your house is being enlarged. (Tent pegs being moved out, stretched) And the very character of Jesus is being carved (plowed out and into you). God is building new trenches to hold God’s presence and power (Dunamis, Dynamite) He is digging them out of you so that He can supernaturally fill them with His water (and His Presence). You will be plowing up the hard, dry, cracked ground and impossible places in your life by using the Word, prayer, praise, speaking in tongues, calling those things which be not as though they were and speaking the prophetic words spoken over you by declaring and decreeing (out loud) what God has said about your future. And you will breakthrough and break forth to a new tangible awareness of the Manifested Presence of God with a new fresh anointing. “THE FRESH MANNA”.
As God’s presence overtakes you, the burdens of uncertainty, confusion, wondering, wandering, outdated and no longer anointed past positions are going to break off of you. And in this place you will find peace and God’s Manifested Presence. And you will be satisfied.
Deborah said there was a war at the door (the gate) the opening of the tabernacle to the Holy of Holies, where other idols (that whichever controls us and keeps us from pressing through into the next place God has for us) are trying to distract, trip up, or make us go around the mountain one more time. This either comes from our flesh or it is a demonic presence that has been assigned against you. Determine what is holding you back and get it dealt with.
At the door, you may want to quit, turn back, run, or run back to what is familiar to you, your comfort zone or comfort people. But God has brought you to a new place where you are lost, depressed, oppressed, with inner conflict, no peace, nothing familiar, because nothing looks the same, feels the same, is the same. You have come through to a “BROAD PLACE” and now only God can lead you in the direction He wants you to go. You are totally dependent upon Him. Rejoice daughters. Rejoice.

Because “DESPERATION” is good. It makes you cry out to God. It makes you war for your future and your encounter with God. It will propel you to Him and to His plan and purpose for you. So, get desperate, war, cry out to God. For this is a sign you are coming thru the ending of one season of your life and entering the greatest season of your life. For your darkest hour will become your finest hour.
Hallelujah, Praise God Almighty! For we will be the generation to USHER in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Amen.

A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT:    Do not, do not, do not give up;  for your “Victory” is at hand!

Patti (Compton) Finney  - July 31, 2011

1.Tares of the Soul by Paul Keith Davis
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3.Your Darkest Hour will become your Finest Hour by Barbara Yoder
4.The Attributes of God by A. W. Tozar
5.The Amplified Bible
6.God’s Revelation to me directly