My Story
My story…..

Patti Finney Compton surrendered her life to Jesus Christ at the age of eleven and was baptized by the Holy Spirit (Fire) and then by (Water) by her grandfather and then pastor, Charles G. Finney. This was a very pivotal timing of God, as I was residing in West Texas with my parents but was given a once in a life time opportunity to spend an entire summer in Illinois with my Grandparents before my Grandfathers unexpected death the next following year. Looking back, retrospectively, I so clearly see the “Dancing Hand of God” hovering over my life. I was not raised in a home where church and God were the center and head of our family. Being able to spend that one summer with my grandparents, proved to be a very important, turning point in my life; one very important point that I would not fully understand until much later. 

God allowed me to sit under my grandfather, Charles G. Finney’s teachings and impartations of the “Gifts of the Spirit” and “Revival Fires”.  I became like a sponge, drinking every nugget and word of God that I could. I became very spiritually drawn to the light I saw in my grandparents.  I encountered the Holy Spirit and baptism of tongues, along with the water baptism that my Grandfather performed.  And in that one moment and season of God’s perfect timing, my life was transformed forever and I would never be the same again. Though it would takes years later for that seed to germinate into God’s fruition.

As time passed quickly by, I began a quest to learn about my heritage and linking to Charles G. Finney many generations back. I heard many times from my Grandmother and my mother that this was part of our heritage, from my Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and back.  This was spoken (prophetically) that this was a part of the “Calling of God” upon my life and would be part of my heritage that I would walk in. This would be spoken many times over in the following years. This was confirmed in a visitation of God by showing me that there were many “Ancient Wells of Old” being reopened. And that He was reopening some of the “Ancient Wells” of Charles G. Finney to this Finney generation who desired to walk in his calling and anointing. God showed me that generational calling had skipped a generation with my Grandfathers children, (my Dad and his siblings) and that He was making it available to me.  God passed down a mantle of “Charles G. Finney” and His (God’s) mandate to (Go Build His Temple).  I received that mantle and God’s mandate, realizing that much given much required; by and through His testing and His Fire.

Patti  Finney Compton received a “Full Five-Fold Ministry Ordination” in 2010 and is busy pursuing the work and will of God.

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